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Banana Boat Bowel

If you love chocolate and Bananas, you will love this! Coconut cream Coconut flakes Cacao Nibs Chia seeds Sunflower seeds Bananas! Cacao Nibs are my new favorite and they provide more antioxidants than blueberries!

Purple Passion

I am really starting to love foods that are already broken down. My digestive system was out of whack before I started eating blended foods. You should give it a try. 🙂 In this smoothie I have… frozen blueberries and … Read More

Favorite Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie Bowl’s are my “go to” breakfast! They are quick, easy and so satisfying. In this smoothie bowl I have: One Bananna One kiwi Three strawberries Cacao Nibs (my favorite) A few almonds Chia seed pudding! The one thing you … Read More


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